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For first-time campers, leaving home for two weeks can be daunting. However, we hope that the camp experience can be fun, educational, and safe!

Days at the GDI will be pretty full. Most days will start around 9am and end around 9pm. This includes lab time, meal breaks, and free time. Schedules will be flexible and dependent on student needs. Mostly, days will be a mix of lecture, discussion, speaking and debating.

Tuition includes a dorm room, three meals per day, instruction, library and internet access, and access to all evidence produced at the GDI. Students will probably want to bring some spending money for snacks, UGA gear, and other small costs that could arise during the camp.

Georgia summers are hot! Luckily, all of the campus buildings are air-conditioned. Make sure to bring clothes that you’ll be comfortable in for hot and cold temperatures. You should also bring: linens, all toiletries you’ll need, an alarm clock, a laptop if you have one, and a cell phone so you can call home!

The GDI is also very safe. Students will be with their lab group for the majority of the day, which is supervised by two staff members. We will have an office staffed all day with a camp director and assistant to help students throughout the day and deal with any student needs or situations that should arise. At night, there will be 11pm bed check, the dorms will lock, and the UGA dorm staff as well as GDI Residential Assistants will be available to patrol the dorms and help students.

Hopefully, the GDI is a fun and valuable experience, and we look forward to seeing you this summer! As always, email us with any questions you have!